maanantai 19. syyskuuta 2016

Our Ayurveda Doctor will be back at Wasa Wellness in October

And once again I ready myself to visit the beautiful Vaasa in Finland.
Being a Ayurvedic Doctor I have always been fascinated by natures beauty and natures powers and so I visit places I can experience life in true and Natural  colors. I like to share and learn at the same time and nothing like this peaceful lovely place in Finland.

From the very busy city of Mumbai I will be going to Vaasa  and spend a few days  at Wasa Wellness sharing my experiences and my knowledge with likeminded people. It is also a learning for me as every time I visit I learn new things which add in to my knowledge bank too. It also gives time to me to be with myself as Wasa Wellness I would describe as a sanctuary of wellness.
 This time I will give a lecture on winter care and of course on Ayurveda. Hope to meet new people and share with them this knowledge which can be shared with all for a better living.
More of Ayurveda more better a lifestyle more scientific a lifestyle.

Most of all I meet very interesting people, Genuine and with a Heart of Gold, their kindness and hospitality is impeccable. No doubt the Finns are very well known for there Hospitality around the world Best of all its always exciting to be with Carina and her family who would always make me feel home.
So here I am packing my bags for my trip and hope to see you all fine people once again and make new friends and strengthen my bonds with my old friends
More information about my stay at
Toivottavasti nähdään pian!!!!
 Hoppas vi ses snart!
Dr.Siddhartha Deshpande

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